Flamenco Initiation I (basic level) Tecnica y variaciones por tango

Starting from zero, we work on the footwork (zapateado), body technique and on our natural expression.
18:30h. a 19:30h. Lunes, Miercoles y Viernes

n this class, starting from zero, we work on the footwork (zapateado), body technique and on our natural expression.

We give exercises to find and stabilize our body axis, to work on our coordination and learn the foot and body techniques; all of which is the basis of flamenco dance.

We stimulate the ear of the student so that he or she can understand and seize the 12-count rhythm (bulerías) or the 4-count rhythm (tangos). This is done in a light easygoing, but focused, spirit.

In the class, we listen to the bulerías and the tangos and touch on some of their theory in order to understand their meaning and their rhythm or compas with precise accents. We educate the ear to be able to identify the place where we mark, call (llamada), enter or exit the dance in accordance with the language of these palos or styles.

We learn how to walk, mark and stop, as well as how to properly enter a dance in any flamenco fiesta.
These classes are held four days a week and you are free to enrol in one, two or all of them (we charge by the class), depending on your schedule and your desire to learn.

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