Yoga para bailarines y bailaores

Desde el 6 de septiembre 2010
De 08:30h. a 09:30h. de lunes a viernes
Duración de la Clase: 


Concept for the ‘yoga – for dancers’ workshop in sevilla, sept 2010, mt


The therapeutic effects of the Ashtanga Yoga practise and the incorporation of Vinyasa - the synchronisation of breath and movement – into life are some of the valuable gifts of yoga. A regular yoga practise can prevent injuries and gives stability in body and mind.


I believe that a different angle, a change in routine, can open up blockages that we have been dealing with for years in our main discipline. That’s why we offer this workshop to dancers.


The main focus will be core strengths and a stable posture. We will reveal blockages that arise from daily routine and release them, in order to empower free energy flow.


This crossover of disciplines is meant to serve as a preparation and good foundation for life in general and the demanding routine of Flamenco practise in specific.